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Future Pathways

At SuMS we recognise that for many people there is more than one career that could be a great fit. Many people progress through several careers in their working life, valuing the varied experiences, challenges and opportunities that this brings. We would like our students to be comfortable with the idea of evolving throughout their careers, and not feel that they have to get it right from day one. Following their passions will lead them to the 'right' career(s).

We also recognise that for many of our students the career that suits them best may not exist yet! So we believe that it is important to equip our students to be flexible and innovative – not only to fit in with the labour and skills market as it stands but to support innovation and new, emerging industries. 

Our curriculum is designed to achieve that, not just through our A Levels qualifications but also through the wider personal development of our students. Our A Level courses will provide qualifications that are forecast to be in high demand. Our enrichment programme, engagement with the University of Surrey and regional industries, will support students with the development of complementary skills.From industry placements within the SuMS Project Qualification to developing problem solving skills in readiness for university entrance tests through regular exposure to stimulating problems in regular lessons and problem solving classes, we always have an eye on our students’ next steps. Each student's tutor supports them with their academic journey through SuMS and onto the next stage of their education and future careers. 

Our careers guidance naturally has a STEM focus. Almost all of our students will continue on to higher education, either immediately or following a Gap Year.

Our guidance, however, is not all about university progression – it is focused on enabling students to continue to do what they enjoy, wherever that takes them. In addition to the more academic institutions, we will support students who are moving on to a wide variety of further studies, degree apprenticeships, the armed services, gap years or entering the world of work immediately.

Students from across the network of Maths Schools have gone on to study at some of the most prestigious universities and secured employment in a wide variety of roles. A significant number have also progressed to post-graduate study in both Masters and PhD programmes.



Heading to University

Our students will apply to university through the University and Colleges Application Service (UCAS). A detailed overview of the support and process for applying to UCAS can be found here. – a thorough and up-to-date guide to university admissions. – a guide to universities – includes a useful budget calculator. – a guide to universities that shows ranking by student satisfaction and graduate prospects. – a calendar of university open days. – Explore subjects and universities.

Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships

Degree level apprenticeships have grown in popularity in recent years. These can include programmes working with companies in the following fields: Engineering, Cyber Security, Finance, Computer Science. 

Applications for apprenticeships are normally direct to companies/providers and students are able to apply to both traditional university courses via UCAS and Apprenticeships simultaneously. They will need to make a decision when they receive their results. 

Each company/provider’s application window varies during the students' final year, and can even change from one year to the next. For example, Dyson’s degree apprenticeship application window opened for three weeks in November 2021, but the following year it had moved to January 2023.

We share opportunities that are shared with us, but students will still need to be proactive in seeking out this information and expressing interest with companies directly. 


Here are some useful sources of further information about apprenticeships: – Sign up for apprenticeships here. – Monthly Packs to help your child search for and apply for apprenticeships. – Alternative paths to university on the UCAS website. 


A few examples of higher and degree level apprenticeships that our students might find relevant: 

Further Links for Students and Parents

We will share resources and opportunities are shared with our students throughout their time with us. These will include opportunities for work experience, courses, summer schools, degree apprenticeships, and other career insights. We will also share information and links to useful resources. 

A good place to start researching possible careers paths is online. Here are a few websites to get you started: 


Exploring Your Options – Full of interesting articles. Try searching the careers profile to get some inspiration. If you love maths but have no clue what you can do with it, this is probably the best place to start. – From articles in their Catalyst Magazine, to career profile interviews with STEM professionals, find out more about various careers in STEM. – A guide to different routes into Engineering. 


Work Experience (In Person or Remote) 

An increasing number of organisations are creating virtual work experiences and using platforms to run them, such as:


Studying Abroad – a guide to American universities including the application process. – a guide to applying to universities in Europe. 


Other Alternatives and Additional Resources – Information on alternatives to university, including apprenticeships. – The National Careers Service. – Find out more about the new Higher Technical Qualifications. – Gap years can be used to enhance your CV, travel, learn new skills, and much more. Find out more and get some inspiration on the UCAS website. 

How to Contact Us

Further information is available by emailing us on or calling us on 01483 974211. 

Our Careers Policy incorporating our Provider Access Policy (setting out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school) can be found here.