Maths & Further Maths

A Level Maths provides students with a thorough grounding in key mathematical principles and the tools to access a wide variety of courses in the mathematical sciences.

Our exam board is OCR A. 

Wdp4355 mathsA Level Maths has 3 key components; Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics. Pure Maths focusses on the building blocks such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Mechanics and Statistics enable students to apply their core skills to a broad range of contexts from probability distributions or projectile pathways, showcasing the mathematics underpinning so much of the modelling in mathematical sciences.


Wdp4355 further mathsA Level Further Maths enables students to deepen and extend their understanding by introducing them to new areas of mathematics such as complex numbers and matrices. Students will develop the problem-solving skills, mathematical fundamentals and study habits that will serve them well in higher education. Further Mathematics comprises Pure Mathematics (which makes up 50% of the final A Level), plus all students will take the Further Mechanics and Discrete Maths options.


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